Working or relaxing in a cold room isn’t pleasant. At ProHeating, we provide central heating repairs and installations to ensure you have a comfy living environment.

If you are concerned about your heating system then get in touch. In the meantime, here are 5 top tips for looking after your central heating system:

Consider regular boiler servicing

It is very good practice to have your boiler serviced regularly, we recommend every 12 months.  

A boiler service will not only ensure that your boiler is working optimally it will any make sure faults are diagnosed early, meaning you could avoid costly repairs later down the line caused by a fault that was unnoticed.  On top of this getting your boiler serviced regularly is paramount to your own safety as unsafe gas appliances can kill.

Check the system pressure

If your heating system is pressurised you should regularly check the pressure and keep it at a stable pressure of between 1 bar and 1.5 bar. This will prevent any overheating and system lockouts.

Central heating power flushing

A power flush is a chemical solution, used for the cleansing of a central heating system. It will help to remove debris, rust and sludge from the pipes, and any other unwanted gunk that might be compromising the performance of your system.

Suffice to say, when left unattended, these sort of remains can cause all sorts of issues – with the primary result that the central heating system won’t work to its full capacity.

Consider high-quality replacement parts

When replacing parts, always use high quality genuine parts that are designed for your particular type of boiler or heating system as these will be more efficient, they will also last longer and In the long run will save you considerable money.

All central heating repairs should be undertaken only by qualified and experienced central heating contractors. Contact ProHeating for any central heating repairs that you require.

Check the insulation of the pipes

If you are going on holiday or away from home, especially during the winter months, then there is a risk of damage to pipes under floors and in roof spaces from frost. Even if you aren’t going away, it’s still important to check the insulation on your pipes to make sure to get maximum efficiency from your heating system.

Uninsulated pipes will cost you more in energy bills as it will require more energy to heat your property.

Need more tips and advice?

There are many ways that you can take care of your heating system and you might even be able to reduce costs further with a more economical heating system. At ProHeating, we provide support for central heating repairs and new installations. Why not give us a call to find out the solutions that we offer?


We are located in York, North Yorkshire and we offer installations across the north of England. For central heating installations, North Yorkshire as well as surrounding counties are covered by our services.

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We can’t answer for all central heating contractors but at ProHeating, our central heating engineers will advise you on what’s best for you when quoting for the work. We will also advise and provide further tips during the installation, including detailed explanation of any new heating controls we have fitted and anything else you want to ask.

If you are considering a new heating system or having some servicing support in the future, then we recommend adding us to your phone contacts. This is especially useful if you are concerned that your central heating system isn’t functioning properly and might be close to breaking down.

Alternatively, you can search on Google for our website using keywords such as central heating installations North Yorkshire or central heating repairs.

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