If you rent out a property that has a gas connection, then make sure you read this article on the importance of having a gas landlord safety certificate!

Are gas landlord safety certificates a legal requirement? 

Yes, a gas landlord safety certificate is a legal requirement in the UK and is required when landlords rent out a property or let it as holiday accommodation.

Gas safety certificates are needed to prove the necessary checks have been carried out by a registered gas engineer, and that the property is safe for people to live in.

A separate certificate is required for each property that’s rented out and the current legal requirement is that a check is carried out every year.

At ProHeating, we have a team of gas engineers who can carry out the necessary checks for you. We can also undertake any gas leak repairs and fix any other potential issues that arise.

Please note that the gas landlord safety certificate must also be made available to any tenants living in the property.

The certificate is valid for five years from the date it was issued, and it must be available at all times for inspection by any person authorised under these current regulations to inspect gas installations, such as a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Gas safety is key 

As well as it being a legal requirement, a gas safety check is the best way to keep a property and its tenants safe. A regular check can help to identify any issues such as damaged pipes or components that are under strain.

What’s covered in gas landlord safety certificates 

The gas landlord safety certificate covers all aspects of the gas installation in your property, including any devices or appliances that are connected up or being used.

In particular, it covers:

  • The age and type of any gas appliances
  • If there is a gas leak detection system
  • If there is an emergency shut-off valve
  • The type of pipework used
  • The location of any appliances

How to apply for gas landlord safety certificates 

If you own one or more properties that you would like to rent out then contact ProHeating - your local gas engineers - to make sure that you are certified. You will need to book an appointment so that one of our Gas Safe registered gas engineers can visit the property and undertake a full check of the gas system and any appliances. We can then issue a gas landlord safety certificate if all areas pass the requirements

We can also help you with any repairs including boiler and gas leak repairs.

FAQs on gas safety certificates for landlords

For certification and repairs using our friendly team of gas engineers, North Yorkshire and the surrounding area are covered. Call us today to book your appointment.

Yes, there is. The government is very strict on this and any landlords found not complying with the current legislation for gas safety can be fined or imprisoned. Currently (as of June 2022), the standard fine is £6,000 for each breach, or 6 months imprisonment.

Yes, you must use a Gas Safe registered and certified gas engineer. Certification can only be carried out by certified gas engineers. Call ProHeating today to certify your property by our approved and certified gas engineers.