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Who are Baxi?

Baxi is a brand that has been around since the 1800s. They produce boilers and heating products for homes, with a focus on sustainability–ensuring they are as environmentally friendly as possible. Baxi offers everything from simple boilers to whole system packages in order to give their customers what they need at an affordable price.

The group can trace its beginnings back to Richard Baxendale and his son, who set up a manufacturing plant in Lancashire.  The company now employs over 1,400 staff in the UK, with manufacturing plants located in Preston, Norwich and Milton Keynes.

The company is now part of BDR Thermea Group, which was founded in 2009. BDR Thermea Group is one of the leading manufacturers in heating, cooling and renewable energy products with an annual turnover in excess of 1.8 billion euros.

In terms of their green credentials, Baxi has a solid commitment to sustainability and is proud to have been a member of the International Sustainability & Carbon Initiative since 2006. They aim to be carbon neutral throughout their operation by 2030. In fact, their company mission statement is to be the market leader in providing smart low carbon heating solutions.

Baxi Combi and System Boilers Reviews

As with all boiler manufacturers, Baxi has a wide range of products to suit the needs of their diverse customer range. Whether it’s a small combi boiler for apartment living or a system boiler for a multi bathroom large family setting, they have a suitable product. So, lets take a look at some of the most popular new boilers across their offering.

Baxi 200 Combi

Combi boilers are a perfect space-saving option because there’s no need to hot water cylinders or a water tank up in the loft. They heat water on demand, meaning that the moment you turn on your tap or switch on the heating, the combi springs into action to supply you with hot water. With the availability of two different heating outputs, 24 kW and 28 kW, the Baxi 200 is a good option for smaller homes with one bathroom.

The Baxi 200 Combi has reported efficiency levels of 89%; this is considered to be a highly efficient boiler. This then means that it uses less energy to heat your water, resulting in lower bills for the homeowner.  

The integral frost thermostat ensures that you’re never going to come home to frozen pipes and the LCD unit allows you to quickly see the boiler temperature, status and any fault diagnosis.  Baxi has also enabled the 200 to be compatible with their uSense smart thermostat.

This means that you can get complete control of your heating system through an app. With the ability to monitor your energy use and control when your heating turns on and off, you’re in complete control of your boiler no matter where you are.  

Baxi 800 Combi

The Baxi 800 is small enough to fit into a standard 290mm kitchen cupboard. This then makes it easy to fit into homes such as apartments where space is often at a premium.

The 800 combi is available in three different power outputs, 25kw, 30kW and 35kW, while the maximum domestic hot water output is 30kW and the maximum central heating output is 20kW. Weighing only 29kg and attached with a  simple hanging bracket, this a model which is a favourite with boiler installers!

The Baxi 800 is built in the UK with long lasting brass fitments. It shouldn’t then come as a  surprise that Baxi feels comfortable enough to offer a ten-year warranty on this model. Another reason for Baxi’s confidence in the longevity of the 800 is that it’s fitted with the Adey Micro2 magnetic system filter.

This technology protects the heating system and boiler against the damage that can be caused by black iron oxide sludge. As well as prolonging the life of the boiler, it can also offer up to 6% annual saving on your heating bills, and it reduces carbon emissions.

Baxi Platinum+ System

If your home has more than one bathroom or you have a busy household that has high hot water needs, then you may mind that a combi boiler isn’t able to cope with the demand. In this situation, a system boiler is likely to be a better option.

The system boiler system has a  sealed hot water cylinder that stores the hot water so that it’s immediately available when your turn on the taps or switch on the heating. With their built-in pump, you can shower and while the rest of the family can still get hot water in the kitchen or second bathroom.

The Baxi Platinum+ System boiler has a 32kW output and is perfect for homes with high hot water demands. The system also has the Adey Micro2 magnetic system filter. This ensures that your heating and boiler systems are protected against damaging magnetite and other debris.

And with this protection in place, Baxi offer a 10-year part and labour warranty. The Platinum+ is compatible with the Megaflo eco hot water cylinder, a market-leading product, well known for its high levels of performance combined with exceptional heat retention and energy efficiency.

Value for Money

Baxi has a strong reputation for offering great value for money. This means that their entry level boilers are accessible to first-time homeowners who may be on a tight budget.

With Baxi’s strong focus on their product range being straightforward to install, maintain and service while also being easy to use, it’s not surprising they are so popular.

Exceptional Customer Service

Sometimes the measure of a company comes not from when everything is going well, but instead, it’s how they manage a situation when there are issues. Baxi has a fantastic reputation for its customer service team.

They were award finalists in the 2020 top companies for Customer Support, and in 2019 they won Customer Service Person of The Year. With this knowledge, it can give real peace of mind knowing that this a business that is passionate about achieving customer satisfaction.

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