Unvented cylinders

Before installing an unvented cylinder in your home, there are a number of considerations that need to be made. We can go over these considerations with you and do not charge for the survey that is required before we install your unvented cylinder.

Considerations before installing unvented cylinders

1. Where will the cylinder be fitted?

Unvented cylinders can be heavy when filled with water. You will need to have a strong base for the cylinder to rest on, and cupboard space.

2. Water Pressure

Unvented cylinders are connected directly to the cold water main. The pressure is limited on the cylinder controls to 3bar. Your water pressure needs to be greater than 1.5 bar (preferably more than 2bar) to work correctly.

The water pressure will need to be tested at your property using a water pressure gauge; this is normally done on the outside tap.

3. Water Flow Rate

It is important to understand the relationship between pressure and flow. Pressure difference is what causes flow to happen. In the case of an unvented cylinder, this would be the pumped water main’s pressure entering your property.

Once the pressure has been tested, the flow rate needs to be checked using a weir cup. Flow rate is important because this is effectively the amount of water that passes out of the taps.

In many properties, lead is still in use as the service pipe. Normally, these pipes weigh 7lb. The diameter of the pipe is the same as 15mm copper. You may need to upgrade the pipe to MDPE (blue plastic pipe) with a diameter of 25mm, at a minimum.

4. Pipework

Many pipes found in today’s homes require an unvented cylinder to operate correctly and safely. The pressure relief and temperature relief pipes have to be taken away from the cylinder to the outside of the property or into a nearby waste pipe within the home.

Before installing an unvented cylinder, the above considerations and testing need to be thought out and completed.

Our unvented cylinder engineers at ProHeating - the boiler company will help you design, specify and install a new unvented cylinder.

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